UW-Madison Infrastructure Team

UW Project Leads

Shanan Peters (geoscience)

Miron Livny (computer science)

UW Technical Team

Ian Ross (lead developer)

Tim Theisen (infrastructure coordinator)

John Czaplewski (supporting developer)

UW Library Team

Aimee Glassel (academic librarian)

Our team combines expertise in geoscience, computer science, and the UW library, helping to ensure that the cyberinfrastructure is secure, scalable and dependable while at the same time satisfying the needs of scientific end users. Researchers in geoscience, including UW-Madison postdocs Jon Husson, Valerie Syverson, and Andrew Zaffos, Princeton undergraduate Julia Wilcots, and Carnegie Institute postdoc Chao Liu, are helping test the infrastructure by developing working applications.

Stanford DeepDive Team

DeepDive Project Leads

Christoper Ré (computer science)

Ce Zhang (computer science)

Chris Ré's team is focused on the DeepDive platform for knowledge base creation. The testing and development datasets produced by the UW-Madison TDM infrastructure are DeepDive-ready.